HelloFresh retained 98% high-potential women with Arise Leadership

HelloFresh, a multi-billion dollar company, partnered with Arise Leadership to retain and promote high-potential women across their organization. HelloFresh is committed to diversity and aims to build a more equitable workplace where everyone is welcome at their table. The outstanding outcomes from their initial year led to a successful multi-year partnership that continues.

HelloFresh conducted a study to evaluate the ROI of its investment with the Arise Leadership Accelerator, an online leadership program for high-achieving women. The results showed 98% of program participants retained after 1 year of graduation and retention was 1.6x higher than high-potential employees who didn’t participate in the program.

Graduates outperformed company average, earning 3.7x more promotion into leadership roles, and saw better performance ratings when compared to similar high performers. Emma, Sr. Manager of Data Product, shared: “Arise Leadership was a key driver in my promotion to Senior Manager. The program gave me confidence in my abilities, made me more productive, and taught me the tools I needed to be a better leader for my team.”

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“Arise Leadership has created a strong foundation for exceptional women talent to excel, driving both personal growth and organizational success. Our graduates have developed techniques and confidence, setting themselves apart as strategic leaders that have made invaluable contributions to the growth of HelloFresh.”

Senior Vice President, Operations

Immediate impact

Within weeks into the six-week online program, participants exhibited transformative growth. They mastered tough conversations, enhanced communication, gained buy-in effectively, and exuded confidence in their leadership roles. This led them to undertake strategic roles, including stepping into management.

Shaneve, Associate Director of People, notes, “I’m now able to navigate difficult conversations and influence decisions thanks to the career-altering skills I developed in Arise Leadership. For example, I applied the program’s feedback tools in a challenging conversation to overcome a teammate’s defensiveness and reach a fruitful outcome. It’s a league apart from other trainings I’ve experienced.”

Strengthened the sense of belonging

An unforeseen benefit was the heightened sense of belonging among program graduates. This was due to them valuing HelloFresh’s recognition and investment in them along with better understanding of their unique contributions to the organization. By utilizing the program’s discussions and frameworks, participants forged community and a shared language across departments and locations, bolstering collaboration and loyalty.

With minimal effort, the rollout of Arise Leadership has had a transformative impact on HelloFresh. It has not only amplified the retention and promotion of high-potential women but has also enriched the company culture.

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